Josh (desh) wrote,

Why I'm such an optimist

Actual thoughts I had this afternoon, in more or less the right order:

Hmm, what's that rhythmic thumping sound my car just started to make? Guess I'll pull over and check it out. In a mile at the next exit; I'm sure it'll be fine until then. Good thing I'm in an area I know, and I know there's a parking lot right at that exit.

Oh, look, I blew a tire. Well, that's good; there are so many worse things it could've been! Tires blow all the time. Guess I'll change it. I've got a good spare, I do know how to change tires (though this will be good practice!), it's a nice day, and I could use some exercise anyway.

Well, that went quickly. I didn't even get my light-colored shorts dirty! So I guess I'll take my car in tomorrow morning to get a new tire, which is fine because I needed to get it inspected this month anyway. Two birds with one stone!

And wow, the drive is in fact smoother with the spare on than with the original! Guess that other weirdness with my car was due to a dying tire instead of something more serious and expensive. That's a load off my mind!

Though I poked my thumb on something while changing the tire. I hope I don't get tetanus.

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