Josh (desh) wrote,

Okay, holy crap, this is going to be an awesome summer. I just got back from an amazing time at AbuseFest, sandwiched between a Debbie in Virginia and a gutwoman in Maryland. Had 18 hours to decompress, about half of which were spent sleeping, and then I just had my second Ultimate game of the summer. Which felt so great; perhaps the best game I've ever played. I can really see the field well now, and I wasn't as winded as in my last game. I had one score, a few good D's including one in the endzone, a bunch of good cuts, a good mark on the disc (as always!), and I even played dump a bit without screwing everything up. And I love playing wing on zone D so much. I've switched from being one of the people the captains explain zone to, to one of the people helping the captains explaining it. It's odd, but feels great. It usually does to learn stuff. And I'm going to have this all summer, plus a job I've spent 40 hours at so far and still don't hate, more people home in Philly than usual, and my usual August of Awesomeness (which will be $800 cheaper this year!). I'm going to have such a great time, and AF was the perfect way to kick it off.

Anyway. It's rather ironic (don't I think?) that all these people I met this week, I met basically because we all keep online journals. (Well, Jeff and sometimes Ferrell barely qualify there, but.) And yet, we've got the Vegas thing going of what happens there, stays there. (Or the other way around.) So I won't be writing about my time there, at least not in a public entry. And neither will anyone else, perhaps. A whole group of bloggers and journalers, silenced by coming together. Let's just say that I had a much better time than I could've possibly expected, and connected with people more than I thought possible. (And, as a bonus, this is the first group I've felt a part of that wasn't at least half Jewish in a really long time. With where I am in my life now, that's quite a feat.)

It's also weird that my posts have been addressed to people lately, rather than the general expository no-second-person format I usually go with. It's due to writing about a large chunk of one's friends-list all at once, I suppose. Heisenberg's Blogging Uncertainty Principle at work: You watch my journal; I change it for you. I'm switching back now, though.

Except: Cooter!

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