Josh (desh) wrote,

The rare political post:

Philadelphia: Why don't you want a revolution?


Part of the problem is how "blue" this city is. John Kerry got 80 percent of the vote here. People may be sick of the local Democrats, their childish factions, Swiss-cheese ethics and parochial outlook. But most city voters would rather poke hot needles in their eyes than pull a lever for anyone in the same party as George W. Bush.


Hope is stirring, Philadelphians. Grab your pitchfork.
--Chris Satullo, Philadelphia Inquirer's Editorial Page Editor, 2005/05/15

We're a long way from anything substantive happening, but if he's optimistic, I can be too. One day, our city will stop getting bogged down in risk-free reward-free management and delusions of inferiority. Soon, if we're lucky.

(Election day in PA tomorrow. Are you voting?)

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