Josh (desh) wrote,

the daily blah

Columns I read at work:

James Lileks' The Bleat's The Daily Quickie

Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback
Carolyn Hax's Sunday advice column

Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback, Tuesday Edition (yeah, yeah, stupid name)
Gregg Easterbrook's Tuesday Morning Quarterback
A bunch of stuff on Page 2, including Tim Keown and Jackpot Jay

Carolyn Hax's Wednesday column
Bill Simmons usually writes a column around Tuesday or Wednesday
And I've usually gotten around to Dr. Z's Friday football mailbag column by now

Thursdays suck.

Carolyn Hax's Friday column
Carolyn Hax's online chat
Bill Simmons' Friday column

I'm thinking of going back to The West Virginia Surf Report, which conveniently enough is a Monday/Thursday column (or was, last I checked). But aside from that, I need more!

Any suggestions? My guidelines are, the link must update regularly on a relatively set schedule, it must not be a comic, it can't get me in trouble at work, it can't be on LiveJournal (enough of that already), and I'd strongly prefer that it be freely available online without registration (though I've already registered for about 4 online newspapers, so this is obviously not as strict of a requirement).

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