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Thoughts while listening to Utah Phillips

conana (or anyone): How is organizing compatible with anarchy? If the point of organizing is to change the status quo, and if the status quo in this country is represented by laws and elected leaders, then what exactly do anarchists gain from action? (I know you can't answer for Utah Phillips (who voted!), but if you have a good answer, I'd love to hear it.)

jre (or anyone): How do I prioritize organizing? I think it's important that we fix this country. But I also think it's important that I move out of my mom's house. I want to get a job in Corporate America. I know I can do good while I have a job like that, but how much do I need to do? "All you can do" doesn't work for me. I'm busy and I'm lazy, and I don't know my true limits with this sort of thing. What is my obligation?

Everyone: I think I'm too susceptible to the rhetoric of the left. I agree with most of it, sure. But if someone disputes something I believe in while using the language of Utah, or of the queer community, or whatever, then I feel powerless. "How can I be right and you be wrong when you sound more like a folk song than I do?" Well, what should I do about that? Because it's not the case that anyone who talks like that is right.

rahaeli: Thanks for the idea.

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