Josh (desh) wrote,

Experimenting by only keeping one day of yom tov. We'll see how I feel about this when I'm done. For now, it feels very strange and kind of wrong, but it does keep holidays from feeling like a burden, and holidays shouldn't feel like a burden. Plus, the reasoning for a second day is kind of shaky anyway.

Totally unrelated to that, I went to a They Might Be Giants concert last night! This is about my 10th, though I'd have to do some research to figure out for sure. This was one of the best. Not quite as good as the one on Long Island in spring 2001 or the one in 1998ish when Reel Big Fish opened, but possibly third. They played "Ana Ng" early, which I really wanted to hear, and they also got to "No One Knows My Plan", "Letterbox", "She's an Angel", "Fingertips", and the original version of "Robot Parade". They played 5 or 6 songs from the new album that I don't have, but I knew a couple and they spaced them out enough that I didn't feel overwhelmed. They're good at sticking to the classics. During "Particle Man", the opener, this crazy dude named Corn Mo, came out and did an accordion duet with John Linnell. That's probably the first and last time in my life I'll see an accordion duet, and I will relish the experience forever. And, of course, "Birdhouse In Your Soul" is and will always be my favorite TMBG song, and they played that too. No Dan Hickey on drums, though. A shame. Wonder what happened to him. Anyone know? I guess this means we'll never hear "Shoehorn With Teeth" live again.

Anyway. Spent first day of Sukkot at benjifus's with him and his mom and other people. Slept outside in the sukkah. Did the lulav and etrog thing in synagogue, while constantly reminding myself that, no matter what it looks like, I am not in a cult. (I strongly encourage any non-Jew with an open mind to go to synagogue sometime on the first day of Sukkot one year, if it's not on a Satuday. It's quite the experience.) Played lots of random card and board games that no one's ever heard of before. Then Benj and I came back here for the concert. We watched the TiVoed debate afterwards, until we well asleep about 20 minutes in. And he's currently still sleeping on my couch. I love having him home.

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