Josh (desh) wrote,

brief baseball rant

I support Larry Bowa's babying of the Phillies' starters, and keeping them on pitch counts most of the time. I don't blame him for the fact that two of them are breaking down, and I think such managment does help, especially by the end of the season.

I don't support his roster mismanagment, though. He needed a 12th pitcher for a bit, so rather than sending down his 6th outfielder, he sent down his 6th infielder. Now there are 3 backups for 3 outfield positions, but the awesome Tomas Perez is the only backup for 3 of the 4 infield positions! (Todd Pratt can play 1st.) He could've either used one of Jason Michaels' option years, or gotten rid of Glanville. And speaking of Glanville, Bowa likes him a lot for some reason. But on Tuesday, he pinch-hit for him with Bobby Abreu in a late, tight situation. Normally I'd approve of this, except that Glanville was 4-for-5 career against the pitcher he was going to face! If you like the guy so much, at least let him hit there!

Also, Bowa doesn't really need 12 pitchers. He could get by with 11, even now, and free up the roster spot by designating the horrific Roberto Hernandez for assignment. Though I am glad that he didn't send my new favorite player, Elizardo Ramirez (say that name out loud!) back to the low minors from whence he came. Let EZ stay up as long as he can!

Future roster moves I hope for in approximate chronological order: When Polanco comes back, send down either EZ or Geary, whoever's pitching worse, leaving Utley in the majors and Wootten in AAA, and going back to a more sane number of 6 infielders. (Utley, Polanco, and Bell can each play about 5 days a week at either 2nd or 3rd, sitting Utley against lefties, against whom he has terrible splits, and generally leaving him in otherwise.) Designate Hernandez for assignment when Wagner comes back. Then Hancock is optioned to AAA when Padilla comes back as long as Wolf isn't on the DL too. Bowa's happy because Glanville stays, the fans are happy because Hernandez goes, and I'm happy because Utley and either Elizardo or Geary stays. Everyone's happy!

Of course this won't happen, though. Utley goes down when Polanco comes back, Wooten comes up for EZ when they don't need 12 pitchers, and Geary goes down when Wagner comes back. Oh well.

I should work for the Phillies.

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