Josh (desh) wrote,

Rituals and signs of the approaching summer

  • Opening day
  • The first time I wear shorts out of the house
  • When they fill Rittenhouse Square's fountain with water
  • When I find out who's playing at Folk Fest
  • When my Folk Fest volunteer committee asks me if I'm working this summer
  • My first raspberry
  • My first blueberry
  • When I put my winter comforter away
  • The NHL playoffs
  • Finishing all the season finales
  • When both of the above are done, and all that's left to watch is baseball
  • When Friday night services end and it's still light out
  • When the 7-day forecast doesn't show any highs below 70 (21°C)
  • The first time you can find parking in Center City on a Friday afternoon, because everyone's left for the beach
  • When people walking outside start wearing brighter colors
  • When you can see the arms and legs of the people walking outside

Seriously love this time of year.

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