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lyrics meme

Because I really can never get enough of it. Not that many of you read this journal anyway, but dammit, I don't care!

Below are the first lines of twenty songs picked kind of at random from my music collection (or sometimes second lines if the first line is a giveaway). Comment with the artist/song for the ones you know, and the one who gets the most right wins the top prize: pride at getting the most right.

Comments screened. Google is cheating.

1. Movin' to the country, gonna eat a lot.
2. Hunger and the lights are off, honey. Trying to find my head. Don't recall lying down in this black bed.
3. Dance your cares away.
4. I thought the ghost was starting to fade. It hadn't haunted me in days.
5. I liked the way my hand looked on your head.
6. My little dog ran away the other day. Yeah, yeah.
7. This here is the place where I will be staying. There isn't a number; you can call the pay phone.
8. I'm me, me be. Goddamn, I am. I can, sing and here me, know me.
9. Behind her eyes there's curtains, and they've been closed to hide the flames.
10. That young boy without a name, anywhere I'd know his face. In this city the kid's my favorite.
11. I'm undecided about you again. Mightn't be right that you're not here.
12. I wanna see him. I wanna wish him luck. I wanna shake his hand, wanna call his name.
13. I'm suffering lonely ones too, and I can't resist sending this on a whim.
14. Did you hear about the elephant? Ran wild from the circus tent, killed a crowd of ten, before they shot him dead.
15. Well women and children need kisses, not the man in my life I know. And I been going to mystery misses; I respect the art of the show.
16. One dream one soul, one prize, one goal, one golden glance of what should be.
17. For every calm there is a storm, but it is often out of view. It changes paths, it changes forms, just like our souls, like they often do.
18. See this ancient river bed. See where all my follies led.
19. Hey there little man. Get out of my frying pan.
20. Pistol shots. Gun shots. Pistol shots. Gun shots. Bullets from a revolver. Bullets from a gun.

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