Josh (desh) wrote,

My Sunday

-- The Eagles lost, looked awful in the process, and their season is likely lost.
+ The lost brought the best Eagles blogger ever out of retirement
-- The Phillies lost a playoff game, keeping me up way too late in the process.
- If the Phils win one and lose one of the next two playoff games, the most important game of the season will fall right in the middle of the most important service of Yom Kippur, the most important day of the Jewish calendar.
++ Managed to wire up my slingbox and a cable box under my bed. Now I can use my slingbox again, without the cable box taking up any usable room anywhere in the increasingly-shrinking apartment. Bonus points for ridiculousness of the setup, and for the $0.95/month subscription fee for an extra cable box with ultra-basic cable service.
+++ Arrested Development is coming back!!!

Net plus!

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