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Yeshivat Hadar Week 6 Day 3

Today at the nursing home, I watched some of the Mets game (rerun) with a resident.  While in his room, I heard his roommate complain about his TV remote not working, and the appropriate people who work there not being able to help.  So when he was in the bathroom, I fixed it.  (Turned the batteries around so they worked, looked up the manual online with the help of nnaylime, and programmed it for his TV.)  The guy was amazed.  Value-added visit!

Earlier, back at yeshiva, I got irrationally angry when someone sat in my makom kavua in the beit midrash (my regular seat in the room where we do all of our partnered learning and some lecture-style learning). We're encouraged to actually grow comfortable with our makom kavua, which plays neatly into my nesting instincts.  So when someone sits in yours, it's considered legitimately annoying, not just annoying to those of us who usually care about such personal-space things.  But I seriously took this out of proportion, and was in a crappy mood for hours.  We'll see if I can steal it back tomorrow, or at least learn to channel emotions into slightly more productive outcomes.

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