Josh (desh) wrote,

Yeshivat Hadar Week 4 Day 4

...the day I hit the wall.

Talmud wasn't fun today, and not for any reason I could pick out. I wasn't feeling well through much of the halacha (Jewish law) lecture. I had even more trouble than usual getting some meaning out of the machshava (Jewish thought) lecture. The singing session at the end of the day was a nice conclusion, but didn't help much in shaking the bad feeling from the day.

I guess this sort of thing is inevitable from time to time. (And it figures that it would happen write after I wrote that glowing mid-summer review, huh?) And I'm lucky it came on a Thursday; there's a weekend soon! But right now I'm frustrated, and wondering whether I'll just be coasting through the rest of the summer rather than pushing myself to learn from it, and dropping any thoughts I had about figuring out how to do this sort of intensive learning again at some point after the summer.

I'm sure Monday will be better!

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