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Yeshivat Hadar Week 3 Day 3

For the first time I can ever remember, I left a singing circle before an hour had passed and before it ended. Of course, it was 10:00pm, and I have to be back at yeshiva by 7:30am tomorrow. Though that's also true of everyone else there -- more than half of the entire yeshiva was sitting around and singing when I left.

It was mostly Jewish songs, and mostly slow/quiet ones, but I'm totally bringing my Rise Up Singing next time to see if we can't shift the vibe up a bit.

In other news, in the second machshavah (Jewish Thought) lecture/discussion session of the day, I asked, "If your definition of faith in G-d implies some sort of personal connection with a being, then what does it mean to have faith in a G-d conceived of in a Maimonidean/transcendent way rather than a Heschelian way? Is it totally impossible or meaningless?" So, uh, I guess the fact that I was able to ask that question means I'm learning something about machshavah? Even if it was a relatively easy question to articulate (and for the teacher to "answer") compared to the deeper and probably more sophisticated questions that others were asking and that I could barely comprehend. But dammit, my question was a good one too! And I think the answer may lead to a very slight shift in my religious approach to life. Yay!

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