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This past Sunday-Monday, Joline and I went to Atlantic City. I won $123 net from playing mostly Pai Gow and Pai Gow Poker. I especially like the former, because all of the Asian players look at me funny, as if I must have sat at the wrong table, before I actually start playing and it's clear that I (mostly) understand the old, opaque, superstitious game. I also enjoyed staying in a hotel, which I had never done before as an adult! Every time I've traveled on my own, it's either been to stay with friends or to go to some sort of event or retreat where I'm staying in a dorm, retreat center, or tent.

Tomorrow I get my wisdom teeth out.

In a bit over 5 weeks I move to New York for the summer. I have a sublet around 98th and Broadway.

During my time in New York, I'm coming home for a day to move apartments in Philly. I just finalized that apartment over the past few days, and booked the movers this morning. I'll be around 21st and South.

And that's about it!

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