Josh (desh) wrote,

moving day

Well, I finally did it. Goodbye desh at LiveJournal; hello [personal profile] desh at Dreamwidth.

If you didn't know: Dreamwidth is a relatively new (less than 3 years old, depending on when you count from) site that uses a lot of the same code that LiveJournal uses. It's run by some friends of mine who I met when I volunteered for LJ. It doesn't have much of a spam problem. It develops features for its English-speaking userbase, not the Russian-targeted development that happens over at LJ these days. It hasn't had any DDoS problems recently that would cause the site to be unreachable for hours on end. And, oh yeah: No ads.

I'm still going to cross-post all of my (increasingly rare) entries to both LJ and DW, so you can keep reading what I write without changing anything, but in order to comment, you'll have to comment on DW. You don't have to make an account to do so; you can comment with your LJ account by using OpenID. If you want to make an account, though, let me know: I have plenty of invite codes to give away.

And I hope you'll make an account. I'm still going to read both of my Friends pages (though it's called a Reading Page or something over at DW; I'm still getting used to the lingo), but these changes are easier if a bunch of people move at once. You can import your old posts and everything! If you move, your other friends might too!

So lemme know.

And, hi, DW. Thanks for having me.

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