Josh (desh) wrote,


(The context is how much we both like Cadbury Creme Eggs and would like it if someone were just standing with us feeding us creme all day...)

[09:53:34] [J ] I don't care if it's a bear
[09:56:07] [me] that's fair
[09:56:09] [me] to have a bear
[09:56:20] [me] To give you creme there
[09:57:15] [J ] In my hair
[09:57:35] [J ] Eaten with care
[09:57:48] [J ] Cooked medium rare
[09:58:49] [me] Cooked? Raw creme is beyond compare.
[10:02:03] [J ] Oh, you're right! I must have been thinking about cooking the egg-producing hare.
[10:02:16] [me] Don't you dare!
[10:02:30] [J ] But I found its lair...
[10:02:34] [me] Where?
[10:02:47] [J ] At the fair!
[10:02:51] [me] Really? There?
[10:03:18] [J ] You'd think he'd find a place less bare?
[10:05:15] [me] Does he at least have a chair?
[10:06:27] [J ] He does! In fact, he has a pair!
[10:07:05] [me] He has a lot of hair. I bet he doesn't use Nair.
[10:08:14] [J ] He does not. That would take away from his flair.
[10:14:46] [J ] What's wrong? Does all this fun no longer compare?
[10:15:41] [me] It does, but with the other things on my plate, all this rhyming can be too much to bear.
[10:16:01] [J ] That's fair.

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