Josh (desh) wrote,

Why twitter is the best thing ever

Jim Cantore: Models unleashing more snowy scenario in Northeast late this week/early weekend. Many details to iron out but another snowstorm awaits..

Me: @phillywx Jim Cantore's latest tweet has me scared. I'm supposed to fly out of PHL at 7pm Saturday. Help me, Tom, you're my only hope...

Tom from @therealdesh based on midday gfs storm develops too late for PHL...bigger impact nyc and into new england.

Tom: Doesn't mean it won't snow here...just that GFS doesn't paint a very snowy scenario in PHL...minor event at best.

Tom: "Best" chances for snow/snow showers/flurries locally are Friday/Friday night...although some could linger into early Saturday AM.

Me: @phillywx Ah, excellent. Thanks so much!

I guess this is more about the awesomeness of local amateur meteorologists who develop a following and are responsive to those people. But still. Yay for the social internet!

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