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Morning, LiveJournal? How have you been? I've missed you.

I'm at the office. There are 5 people here. It snowed almost a foot 12.4 inches yesterday. And the storm is currently at a pressure of 956 mb, which would be around Category 3 if it were a hurricane. But even a foot of snow seems like not much anymore; last winter's 20-inchers apparently ruined me. I barely went out in it to play. Really, though, I'm liking the cold of the winter even less than usual this year. And the wind. Only 40 more years until I can snowbird to Florida or Vegas!

I had a fun and busy holiday weekend. Thursday night, Joline and I went up to North Jersey for Christmas Eve Eve with my dad and stepmom and stepbrothers and the stepbrothers' girlfriends. (Very nice of them to do it on the 23rd instead of the 24th to accommodate us, what with Shabbat and all.) Friday, I played with my home-built DVR most of the day. (The remote now works through a different interface than before, one that doesn't require a 1-second delay between button presses! The tuner, which I thought was broken and only did 1 channel at a time, actually does 2 again!)

Friday night I had a Shabbat dinner at Joline's, except that by then she was back home for winter break, so it was really at Joline's roommate's. It was weird being there without her there, and I missed her. Saturday was a relaxing meal with just me and groovyjew. Then I went home, napped, went to my mom's at 4:00 for the start of her birthday party, went home for the end of Shabbat, left right after havdalah to go to the extended stepfamily's Christmas Day celebration, and caught the end of my mom's party after that was over.

Sunday I did nothing and it was lovely. Listened to and read snow reports all day (I love twitter, for real), lamented the postponed Eagles game (there's nothing better on TV than snow football, so why deny us that pleasure???), and played with the DVR some more. And posted on Facebook a lot. Short form blogging is easier than long form, y'all...

Next project, now that the DVR is at some sort of steady-state: Asterisk, the do-it-yourself phone server! I've played with it a bit already. Dream step 1 is probably 2-3 weeks away: A landline that's free except for sub-$100 up-front costs. Dream step 2 is probably a few months away, but I'm so excited about it: A phone number that normally rings my cellphone, but during Shabbat and holidays automatically switches over to playing a message saying, "Sorry, Josh can't come to the phone right now, but if it's urgent, press 1", and if they press 1, then it rings my landline. Still for free. This would seriously be my favorite thing ever, I know 80% of how to make it happen, and I'm pretty sure that the other 20% is at least doable.

Coming soon: My new years party and my 30th birthday party! Yay!

Back to "work". Happy Monday!

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