Josh (desh) wrote,

more quick hits

I went away for Shavuot with a bunch of great people. We rented a house in the Poconos. I was only actually there for about 36 hours, but it was fantastic.

I watched a full episode of American Idol for the first time in my life yesterday. Go Crystal! (Forgot to vote, though.)

The girlfriend is here in Philly for the summer. Yay! Today she's orientating at her summer job.

Major re-org at work yesterday, mainly affecting my department. I think it's more good than bad, but it's certainly interesting...

I finally succeeded in liking a Lady Gaga song, after months of trying. Unfortunately, it's the one from Glee last night that sounds very very different from the original Gaga version. Oh well. Pop culture relevant I'm not.

11 days until the Post Hunt!

Martin Gardner has died. This one person has probably done more, directly and indirectly, to stimulate me intellectually than anyone else I've never met. I will be grateful forever for his Mathematical Games column in Scientific American, and for everyone else who was inspired to write by the column.

The Flyers are in the Stanley Cup finals! Philly sports are once again awesome! I only hope they don't sweep, because I have plans out of town for the evening of Game 4. So Flyers in 5!! (That's right, active_axon and rainingtulips, you heard me.)

And finally, I've bought 7 things from Meritline in the past two weeks. All were under $5 and 5 were under $1. I spent about $12 total on things like iPod cables. I'm totally addicted.

I'll try to remember to write here more, LiveJournal! You're so much cooler than Facebook; I'm sorry I haven't been treating you right.

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