Josh (desh) wrote,

I just saved $60 by getting fatter

I was running out of pants last fall, so I went to The Gap Outlet and Old Navy, as usual, to buy some more. Unfortunately, I'm between two waist sizes of theirs (which come 2 inches apart at my approximate size), so I had to just get 5 pairs of pants in the slightly larger size. I could've held them up with a belt, but it would've looked bad, so I decided I needed to get them tailored.

Because I'm lazy, I waited months and months to get them tailored, until today. In the meantime, I'm down to one wearable pair of pants, and they're on their way out.

So I finally went to the tailor today. The first pair I tried on was big, but the tailor said it wasn't big enough that she'd do anything, and she thinks I should just wear a belt. I then tried on the next 4, and they all fit even better. My laziness saved me $12 per pair of pants! Go me!

I should still get to a gym, though.

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