Josh (desh) wrote,

There is a certain category of things that I find to be truly funny. Among the most consistantly funny things I've ever experienced. They're probably all examples of a certain type of humor, though; one that just speaks really well to me. They seem to involve some sort of juxtaposition, but that's about as best as I can explain it right now. I wonder if anyone has ever studied this sort of thing, or in which field it would be categorized.

Funny things:

  • The physical humor on West Wing. (example: in "What Kind of Day Has It Been", when Josh tries to sit on his nonexistant chair)
  • The "Fresh Ink" line of greeting cards from Hallmark.
  • The book of cartoons called No Comment, by Nurit Karlin.
  • The scene in The Negotiator where Samuel L. Jackson is on the phone with a guy trying to explain that he's never supposed to say "no". (This may not be in the same category as the others, but I don't think I've ever laughed harder.)
  • All of Stephen Wright's jokes. (But only the first time I heard them, whereas these other things seem to last longer for me.)
  • EDIT 2004/2/3: Some of the less disgusting PLIF cartoons, such as this one.

And I'm sure there are others, but they're escaping me right now.

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