Josh (desh) wrote,

round and round

Hi, LiveJournal. I'm clearly still too...something to write real posts, so have two short school bus stories.

(The stories are short. The school bus wasn't.)

One day, on the first day of school one year (I'm gonna guess second grade), I got on the bus in the afternoon. Most seats already had one person in them. I had to sit with someone. I knew that there was someone I couldn't sit next to: this one girl was someone who was teased even more than I was. She had some sort of mean nickname that I don't remember. I knew I would immediately get teased too for sitting next to her. Unfortunately, since I'm somewhat face blind, I had no idea which girl it was, or if she was even on the bus yet. I took a deep breath and picked a random seat next to a girl. For the next couple of minutes no one said anything to me, as I preferred it. Then, someone screamed out, "Hey, Josh is sitting next to [nickname] girl!" Everyone started laughing or remarking on this fact. Red-faced, I immediately got up and sat next to someone else instead for the rest of the ride.

Another time, possibly later that same year, I sneezed on the bus. This was really an epic sneeze. Mucus was all over my seat (which wasn't occupied by anyone else). Everyone was understandably grossed out. However, they went a bit overboard and refused to sit in that particular seat for the entire rest of the year. Months later, I would often get on the bus as it was relatively full, with some kids sitting two to a seat. Always, exactly one seat was unoccupied. Far from being insulted, I was happy to have a seat to myself each time. And it was one of my favorite seats, too: second from the front on the left.

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