Josh (desh) wrote,

car woes

So the quote to actually get a replacement hood for my car is about $900. WTF. Though about half of that is paint labor. If I can buy a hood myself from a junkyard or something that's the right color, then the other parts and the non-paint labor that I was quoted only come to about $160. If I can find a junked hood for $150 or $200, then $310 is a much more reasonable total price to pay. Or, of course, I can do nothing.

And then my car started making squeaking sounds. I need a new water pump. $700.


Is it time to just give up? Sell the car (which, being a Honda, will always be worth something)? I don't know; I really don't think I can justify getting another car, and it's so useful for me to have one now. Plus, I mean, it's my baby. I've had it for 11 and a half years now.

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