Josh (desh) wrote,


It occurs to me that I'm rarely called Desh in person anymore. My new roommate (though not so new anymore, I guess) calls me Josh. My girlfriend calls me Josh. My coworkers and family have always called me Josh. The friends who call me Desh who I saw most frequently a year ago have left town. Some other friends who call me Desh, I see less often than I used to. Yet more friends sit on a board or an organizing committee with me, in which contexts I prefer to be called Josh, and some of them have taken to calling me Josh the rest of the time as well in order to alleviate confusion.

It remains to be seen if this ebbs and flows, or if the nickname is starting to go away after sticking with me for close to half my lifetime.

(For those who don't know, my policy on my nickname is that in social/casual contexts, people can call me either Josh or Desh; I have no preference. But I rarely introduce myself as Desh. My reason for that is mainly to see how the nickname can spread without me helping it along too much.)
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