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I've finally started looking for a job. I sent out one resume today. I got an e-mail back a few hours later saying that his company is done recruiting for the year, but best of luck for the future. Now I'm all disappointed and down about it again.

I saw a friend tonight who I hadn't seen in almost a year. We had fun, and at the end, I casually asked her if she had been avoiding me a few months ago. I was almost sure she had been, but she said she hadn't. So that was a bit weird.

I hate football.

I'm trying to read Cryptonomicon, again. This is the third try. I'm about one-eighth done the 900 page book, which is about twice as far as I got last time. It's looking promising, but still far from certain, that I'll get hooked and finish.

I'm really trying hard to have my loaning out of my copy of Quarterlife Crisis, about two and a half weeks ago, be a symbolic end to my actual real-life quarterlife crisis. If that works, I'll never want the book back again.

I'm looking forward to being able to move out. I think about things like what communications stuff I want to sign up for, to be most cost-effective and modern. I'm leaning towards getting VoIP, cable TV, cable modem service, and a medium-sized cell phone plan, thus totally bypassing the phone company. Though my second choice is a very small home phone plan, DSL, satellite TV, and a big cell phone plan, thus totally bypassing the cable company. In addition to my ReplayTV (like TiVo in the sense that Puffs are like Kleenex), I'll be one cool 21st century dude.

Maybe being in a relationship is fun, but right now I'm focusing on enjoying watching friends form relationships with each other, and that's rather fun too.

I really miss the summer. Ever since my car accident last March, I seem to like snow a lot less, and snow was the only thing I ever liked about winter.

I don't really want to keep writing both here and at my real site anymore, even though I always thought I'd have enough to say in both places like some people do. But I don't know what to do with my site if I don't expect to ever update the front page as it currently sits.

I'm jealous of my mom's new computer. On the other hand, she needed it, she deserves it, and my main goal in my life right now is to stop being at all my mom's financial responsibility, so she can get herself stuff like that.

I love West Wing.

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