Josh (desh) wrote,

dream last night

I was standing a couple blocks west of my apartment watching a strange scene unfolding: A very, very large ship was pulling away from the banks of the Schuylkill river (which was much, much larger in my dream than in real life). At the top of the ship was an elephant. At the top of a building on the banks, at roughly the same height, was a camel. (Or maybe a giraffe.) They were staring longingly at each other.

Suddenly the elephant jumped. Or maybe it was jostled overboard; I couldn't tell. I photograped what was going on; I was the only one who saw it. The elephant flew into the air a bit, and then gradually floated down to the river as if it had a parachute. But it hit the river with a splash much stronger and more severe than if it hadn't had a parachute. It could have been 100 elephants, the way the water splashed out. Nearby parking lots were flooded; cars were underwater. (I was fine, because the way the city is structured, I was up on a bridge dozens of feet above the water level.)

News crews were called in; this quickly became a major issue in part because of the flooding but in part because this was apparently a very important elephant. No one actually knew what happened for sure, though they were able to deduce that the elephant had apparently fallen due to the fact that it was missing and due to the flooding. I was planning to send some of my photos to the news people. I kept looking at the river because I thought I saw the elephant surface, but it didn't. (Elephants probably don't float, I thought.) I started to watch the flood quickly recede, about 10 minutes after the incident happened, and then got bored and walked away.

It's probably a good thing that I don't remember my dreams more often.

(Dream most likely inspired by a recent emergency plane landing that was not into a river, The Way Things Work, and my current long-distance relationship. Maybe.)

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