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Hi, LJ!

Last Tuesday I turned 29! All day I got birthday wishes over email, Facebook, twitter, phone, text, and in person. It was really awesome.

I ended up not wanting to do tons for my birthday. I went to lunch with some coworkers, including my birthday buddy. After work, I just invited some people to dessert. It was frustrating when Naked Chocolate closed at 9 even though their website said 11. So people came at 8:30, we stayed for 45 minutes, and then we went to another place to chill for another half hour. That's all. Next year is a bigger birthday, and I'll plan something bigger.

I didn't do much the rest of the week that I can remember.

Shabbat was nice. Friday night, potluck at BZBI, with the usual crowd and the usual shenanigans. Plus MP's boyfriend, who she's finally introducing us to, and who might be an interesting business contact for me. And plus ML's sister R, who graduated from my high school a year and a half ago. We had plenty of interesting stories to exchange. Saturday morning was Tikvah and then lunch at Ilana's, all of which has become pleasantly routine by now. After lunch, I just slept away the rest of Shabbat.

Saturday night I went to a party. The Jewish grad network had a dessert party in someone's apartment, and I decided to check it out. Especially since the apartment was about half a block from mine. I went, and immediately remembered why I don't go to events like that. Totally not my scene. I'm so uninterested in large crowds of people socializing unless I know a critical mass of them. As it was, I knew about 5 of 30 people there, and basically just talked to them for an hour, while eating chocolate, until I went home. A few people came up to me and introduced themselves, which I gather is normal behavior at this sort of event, but it makes me uncomfortable. (I feel bad about this, on behalf of all the people who have no choice but to meet people this way, such as people who are new to the city. But, oh well. They can meet the extroverts first.)

Yesterday I went to Ikea with my mom. I bought myself a Billy Bookcase and some random kitchen stuff. I lost my umbrella at some point along the way, which really upset me because I hadn't lost an umbrella in about 10 years, until losing two in a few months. I usually buy nicer, more expensive umbrellas because I don't lose them, but I might have to rethink that strategy.

I went home, built the bookcase, and put lots of stuff on it. I feel like I have so much more space now! I definitely needed at least 2 or 3 more shelves, and now I have 6.

Today, it's torrentially raining. And I don't have an umbrella. It's also about 60 degrees out. I decided that the best strategy for getting to work was to wear a t-shirt and my (new and waterproof) winter coat. Also, since there's no way to keep the below-the-waist area dry even with an umbrella, I decided to change pants once I got to work, and wear my hiking/snow boots. Unfortunately I only have one clean pair of proper pants. So I wore sweatpants to work! Something I've always dreamed of! (Even though I ran straight to the bathroom and changed as soon as I got here.)

Happy Monday, LJ!

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