Josh (desh) wrote,

Election followup

To answer some of your questions from earlier:

There were two positions up for election that were specific to each division (polling place): Judge of Election and Majority Inspector. I was the former previously. The other is another poll worker, though not the one in charge of the polling place, and has a slightly lower salary. (I believe that of the other poll workers, one is theoretically the loser of the Judge of Election election, and the other one(s) is/are appointed. Or something like that.)

Neither had any candidates on the ballot in my ward and division.

But I decided not to run again. (Sorry, Professor Munger.)

I had several reasons for my decision. The main one is that my employers have been incredibly generous with their paid leave policy since it was revised a couple of years ago. Missing two days a year for this job would've come out of the same "take it as you need it" part of the policy that I currently use for as many as 11 Jewish holidays per year, and I don't want to further abuse the generosity. Other reasons include the fact that I like the poll workers already there, who do a good job (though occasionally show up a bit late in the morning to open the polls exactly at 7am) and who I wouldn't want to displace; the fact that I might prefer not being tied down to my polling place during a few big elections coming up in the next four years; and the fact that I'm still slightly too transient to know that I'd still live in the division (only a few square blocks) for the next four years.

But if anyone asks, I'll tell them this reason: The main reform I wanted to institute in "running" for the job four years ago was to start the practice of distributing "I voted!" stickers in the 27th division of the 8th ward of Philadelphia. These stickers aren't that common in Philly; I'd rarely seen them. My one election on the job, I purchased a roll of stickers with my own money, and handed them out to voters. After I resigned, the stickers left too. But today, for the first time in my life, I was given an "I voted!" sticker by someone other than myself! I was ecstatic! Having no platform on which to run against the incumbents, I cheerfully deferred.

Should've written myself in for District Attorney, though. You never know.

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