Josh (desh) wrote,

Trying to keep up the posting even though there's never enough time for it this time of year.

My life right now feels like it's all about Jewish holidays and sports. (Go Phils!) Plus the telephone; I'm spending hours more on the phone per week than I have in years.

Work is ramping up, and will commence being crazy busy next week. However, today and yesterday late afternoons featured more baseball watching and listening than productive work by most people in my office. It was fun.

I haven't had a day that didn't involve intercity traveling, Jewish observance involving not using technology, or work in almost a month. Glad that the holidays are over after this weekend, and that I have Monday off.

I'm randomly in a bad mood today, I've had a headache off and on since yesterday, and my phone's internet connection hasn't worked since Monday. I'm sure all will pass soon.

I've got very little to do this weekend for the various Jewish observances, and if you want to invite me to something in Center City or West Philly, I'd appreciate it. However, after services on Sunday morning, I intend to be watching football, socializing in a non-holiday sort of way, and/or reading quietly by myself until Sundown. Enough Jewy stuff for now. I've been thinking for awhile that about 45 Shabbats a year would be just the right number. Tomorrow would probably be one of the 7 I'd skip. Oh well.
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