Josh (desh) wrote,

hasty update

Making Shabbat dinner tomorrow for the first time with my new roommate, and the first time at all in probably over two months. I'm quite excited. A few Philly folk are coming, including one of Laura's friends, and I have a guest in from out of town. It'll be awesome.

The holidays are leaving me drained much more so than they should, given them all falling on weekends. Last weekend was fun for Rosh Hashanah. It was about as expected: seeing a bunch of people from back in the high school days, good and relaxed davening, not enough sleep, and some nice meals with families, including one with my own. Sunday night I was so frazzled, trying to catch up on life and watch a DVRed football game. The rest of this week has been a slightly scaled down version of the same. And I don't see it slowing down any time soon.

I hate that the new TV season has to start NOW of all times. I am enjoying the season so far, though. You might even say that I'm gleeful.

I felt like there was more I had to say in an update. I guess not. Or I'll update again soon if I do. G'night!

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