Josh (desh) wrote,

I had a pretty awesome weekend, LiveJournal!

I came home on Friday, where msschein was cooking Shabbat dinner for 10. I thought I'd have a relaxing and even boring few hours before Shabbat started, but between helping with the dinner shopping list and helping alanscottevil, who was a few hours behind in his journey to Wildwood and who was expecting (correctly) to be stuck in Philly for Shabbat, it was pretty eventful.

The meal, msschein's last before beginning the gradual move to DC today, went quite well. There was great company, tons of food, and great dessert. As some might say, I had a Shabbat dinner that couldn't be beat, went to sleep, and didn't get up until the next morning.

Saturday after synagogue, I ran into my mom walking home. Then I decided to actually attend the Jewish Grad Network potluck lunch, even though I was originally planning not to, because alanscottevil was there. And his gigantic veggie cholent, originally meant for his crew in Wildwood. I let the potluck after having my fill, and took half a nap at home until Alan came back to visit. At 5:00, Alan and I met up in Rittenhouse with jox and her boy, where we just sat and chilled for 3 hours. I went back home, watched a game of Settlers until Shabbat ended, and, having had more activity than I'd intended to for Shabbat, pretty much holed up in my room for the rest of the evening.

Today, coralrockstar came to redeem my birthday present to her of a Philly concert ticket. She got a ride into the city, and came at 11. I took her food shopping, because it had to be done, guest or no. We then went to lunch at Reading Terminal Market, and an incredibly rich, decadent, and cheap dessert at Naked Chocolate. We then chilled a bit in Rittenhouse Square, after running into my mom walking there. (This is what happens when you live one block from your mom.) We went home and killed some time by watching 3 episodes of Degrassi, before leaving for the concert.

We met up with peneli for dinner, stopped at her place, and then headed to the park for Trout Fishing In America's near-annual summer concert there. Jason and Jason's (I assume) girlfriend and Tall John joined us there. We enjoyed a fantastic, fun concert, and it was so great to see peneli again for the first time in two years. coralrockstar and I had to leave a bit early to catch her bus home, but thankfully not until after Iko Iko. I'm quite sad coralrockstar's not going to make it to Fest this year, but spending an awesome day with her today almost made up for it.

I've done a horrible job this summer visiting friends in other cities as much as I usually do, but weekends like this make that seem not quite so sad. Come visit me in Philly, folks! We'll have a blast!

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