Josh (desh) wrote,

I just created an account with that infernal short-attention-span-theatre website that will not be named or linked to here. I just decided that I should try "following" some people to see if it's something I'm interested in paying attention to. I don't intend to post again, now that I've made my initial post there. (Of course, I think that was my intenion after my first LJ post in February 2002...)

Anyway, I'm just telling you in case you use this site to which I'm referring, and want to tell me your username. (Even those of you who use loud-[site-that-won't-be-named], since your username isn't apparent from those LJ posts.) Comment below, or if you don't want everyone here to see your username, put it in this handy-dandy form here:

Your site-that-shall-not-be-named username?


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