Josh (desh) wrote,

Hi, LiveJournal! In spite of being frustrated about preparing for Passover, I've actually been doing quite well lately!

This past Friday, I had a bunch of people over for Shabbat dinner. My roommate and curlybopbop and groovyjew were here as they often are. I invited SGS to come join us from out in the suburbs, as he occasionally does. AB was in town for the NUJLS conference, so she came too. And, after months of trying, SGS and I finally got NE to visit, so she was here too! (jox, you should've come!)

We didn't get started until 8:30, and we all hung out talking until about 11:30. AB had to go back to meet up with her friend at Penn where she was staying, so SGS and NE and I walked her back. Rather than saying goodnight, though, we took the friend along with us as we wandered around campus some more, going to the Bio Pond and such. (Hadn't been there for years!) Finally we said goodnight around 2, and SGS and NE came back here where they crashed (NE as we'd planned, and SGS because he'd missed the last bus to the suburbs.)

Saturday, I went to synagogue briefly, saw NE off to her way-too-soon bus back to New Haven, said goodbye to SGS as well, and came home to eat and nap a bit. Later in the afternoon, AB and groovyjew and curlybopbop came back to visit and help eat leftovers, and it was clear that AB had made two new friends. The three of them stayed for awhile, left for most of the evening, and then all came back around 11. Apparently AB had spent part of that time helping with Passover cleaning in groovyjew's apartment. They just met. The mind boggles. They must've become good friends quickly, or something. Anyway, we hung out until 1 am.

Anyway, that's all that's been exciting and fun recently. Coming up, though, more excitement! Tomorrow I'm taking off work to go to several Birkat Hachamah events, which I'm really excited about. It's a Jewish prayer, the occasion for which only arises once every 28 years! I was 3 months old last time, and I'll be 84 two times from now. Plus, it's all based on (bad) science. Totally my kind of things, and I can't wait! After that I'm finding a siyyum, doing some last-minute shopping, and resting a bit. Then I'm going to the Phillies game, including seeing the World Series ring ceremony! And then Passover seders, one at family and one at friends from synagogue. Shabbat, jox and I are heading down to alanscottevil and Lawee's house to spend some time with a whole bunch more cool people who are there for the start of Passover. And all this involves taking 3 days off of work! Really looking forward to the break.

Guess that's it for now! Happy Passover!

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