Josh (desh) wrote,

midnight adventures

So every so often over the past few weeks, I thought I heard some sort of scratching coming from the edge of my bedroom. Scratch, scratch. And then it would stop.

Now, this wasn't so bothersome at first. I live in the city; there are all sorts of weird noises around. And it only lasted a couple seconds. So I ignored it the first time. And the second time. And the third and fourth.

Two evenings ago, it lasted a bit longer. Scratch, scratch. Scratch, scratch. So I immediately started to wonder if I had a mouse. I grabbed a flashlight off of my desk. And then, as quickly as I could, I turned the flashlight on, jumped down off of my desk chair, and looked under my bed. The sound stopped, but I didn't see any movement. I wasn't sure if this was a good thing or not.

Last night, after I got into bed, it started again. Scratch, scratch. Scratch, scratch. Again it didn't stop that quickly, and I was able to move closer to try to determine the source of the sound.

It was inside my wall. Right in the corner of the room where my bed is.

And it kept going.
I couldn't sleep. I never can't sleep. But this scratching was right next to me, next to my ear.

Here I caught a lucky break. Of the two walls joining in this corner, one is exposed brick internal to the apartment. Can't be coming from there. The other is an external wall. But the wall was built such that the bottom 3 feet or so of it stick out about a foot into the room, such that there's a shelf on top, built into the wall of the room. This lower part has some electrical wiring and old insulation and stuff inside. I know this because they had to tear out a portion of it when I had a flood in my room a few months ago. When they rebuilt the wall, they left a hole about a foot square and put a plastic cover on it. Almost like a door without a hinge. The idea was that the next time there was a problem with water or the wiring or whatever, they could get to the problem without tearing the wall out.

Well, I had a problem.

So an hour after I went to bed, I was pulling my bed away from the wall, attempting and finally succeeding in prying this cover off with housekeys and coins, and putting a snap mousetrap inside with a ball of peanut butter on it. (We had some mouse trouble before. There were a couple traps still lying around the house, set.)

I shoved the cover back on and went back to sleep, mostly. For 10 minutes.


Well, I guess it was a mouse after all. I can deal with it in the morning. I let the adrenaline from the snappy wakeup die down a bit, and maybe a half hour later, fell asleep.

Scratch, scratch. Scratch, scratch. Scratch, scratch. Scratch, scratch.

Well, fuck. Guess there was more than one? What the hell?

It was 4am. I put in the earplugs I always keep next to the bed, and I slept poorly the rest of the night. Scratch, scratch.

I woke up, grabbed the keys and coins again, and pulled the cover back off of the wall. The trap was obviously no longer set, but that was it. No peanut butter. No mouse. Well, at least there's now a bit less evidence for the multiple-mouse theory. I went to the kitchen, grabbed a bit more peanut butter, smeared it on the trap better this time, set the trap, attempted to put it back in the wall, MOTHERFUCKING SHIT SNAPPED MY FINGER IN THE DAMN THING, re-set the trap, put it down, attempted to close up the wall but FUCKING CAUGHT MY FINGER IN THE COVER but hey at least this hurt less than the damn trap, and finally got everything back together.

When I came home tonight, I checked first thing. Pulled the bed away from the wall, grabbed the keys and coins (should really get a flathead screwdriver), and got the cover off again.

Let me tell you, I have never in my life been happier to see a dead mammal.

Mouse and trap together in a trash bag, wall closed back up, bed against the wall, trash bag straight out to the outdoor trash cans, hands washed. I hope to sleep well tonight. And there's only one reason why I might not be able to.

Scratch, scratch.
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