Josh (desh) wrote,

lazyweb: free web bucket sorter?

Hey, guys. You know how there are free poll sites out there (surveymonkey) and free spreadsheets and stuff (Google Docs) and free availability poll thingies ( out there?

Well, I'm looking for a bucket sorter. I don't know if there's a real name for it or not; that's what I call it. Basically, I want a service that helps you organize carpools and similar stuff. I want to define objects (people), and buckets (cars) of a specified size. I want to be able to collaboratively (or by myself, I guess) create and delete buckets, create and delete objects, move the objects into and out of the buckets as long as they're not full, and ideally have some sort of available print-friendly display at the end.

Does anyone know of something like this? Or, barring that, of a good way to fake it?


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