Josh (desh) wrote,

Eagles/Vikings prediction

Back in the 2000 season, the Baltimore Ravens had one of the 3 best defenses of my lifetime. Before each game, their defensive captain Ray Lewis would tell the offense how many points they needed. If the offense would score that many points, and there weren't any points from the opponennts on defense or special teams, then Lewis would guarantee a win. This Eagles defense isn't in the same conversation as that Ravens one in terms of best ever, but they do have the capability to control a game in the same way.

I think the Eagles need 13 today to have a great shot at a win, and 17 to guarantee one. And I think they'll get it. With the Vikings defensive star out, I'm calling it 19-13 Eagles. Eagles' offense can't quite get into the end zone after an early score, but aside from a first-half breakway run, their defense doesn't allow the Vikings to gain many yards at all. And Akers wins it.

EDIT: Throw away a defensive touchdown, and I was one point off. 26-14. Not bad. Let's try again next week.

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