Josh (desh) wrote,

Football optimism

At 7-5-1, the Eagles are actually only two steps away from controlling their own destiny for the playoffs! They just need the Cowboys to lose to Pittsburgh today (or someone else in the next two weeks) and Atlanta to lose another game somewhere in their remaining schedule (like possibly Tampa next week).

If that happens, then the Eagles can guarantee making the playoffs if they finish 10-5-1. Dallas and Atlanta would be no better than 10-6, and we'd be a wild card team along with the second-place team from the NFC South.

Of course, this means winning the rest of the games. And it would probably mean an incredible Eagles/Cowboys week 17 showdown for a playoff spot and a playoff game in Minnesota or Arizona. That's a game I'd really enjoy watching.

Go Steelers! Go Bucs! (Yeah, starvingnerd, I'm rooting for the Bucs. And the Gators too. WTF.) And GO EAGLES!

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