Josh (desh) wrote,

Barack Obama owes me $1.35

I just got my cell phone bill, and it's higher than my usual bill for the first time ever. I never go over minutes or data usage, but for the first time I went over my allotment of 200 text messages. I had 227 incoming and outgoing texts over the month ending November 5th, and the extra 27 were billed at 5 cents each. 30 of the texts were from 62262, Obama's shortcode. (Most of those were specific to my election-day volunteer job; don't think he spammed everyone that much.) I never technically asked to recieve any of those. So I think Barack owes me $1.35.

Though Barack Obama bought me an umbrella.

See, my election day job was to be one of three poll watchers at a particular polling place. As the only registered Philadelphia voter of the three of us, I was the only one actually allowed into the polls. So I spent most of the day there, making sure things were going alright. Every so often I'd poke my head out and say hi to the outside people, who were mostly a bit uncomfortable, given that it was raining off-and-on, and given that only one of them had thought to bring a chair. At one point, the roving volunteers in charge of supporting us stopped by and gave us about 5 umbrellas. We were told that these were for voters, should the line extend outside the building and into the open air. (It never ended up doing so after the rain started.) We should ask the voters to use them, and then hand them back in the line as they went inside. At the end of the day, we were told, no one would come to collect the umbrellas. So I kept one.

Alright, Barack, let's just call it even.

(ETA from coworker Joe: "Ask him for some of that 'change' to help pay your cell phone bill.")

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