Josh (desh) wrote,


That might be the best Phillies game I've ever seen.

Jamie Moyer made what would have been considered among the best defensive plays in World Series history had the ump not blown the call. The Rays get 2 runs. And then they tie it up through a bunch of all-in-the-infield crap, steals and throwing errors and crap.

The 9th inning reminded me of BOTH of my favorite baseball games ever played. Phillies had a guy on 3rd and less than 2 outs, so the Rays walked the bases loaded, just like the Braves did to the Twins in game 7 in 1991 (greatest World Series in history, bar none). They throw in a 5-man infield for good measure; something I've heard of before but never seen. Then the Phillies scored the winning run on a bunch of dinky infield stuff, throwing errors, and a tiny little swinging-bunt hit, just like the Diamondbacks did against the Yankees in game 7 in 2001.

I was pacing back and forth the whole 9th. I KNEW we were going to win it, especially when Bruntlet made it to 3rd with none out.

And I also knew we HAD to win it. Losing that one would've ended the series, no question.

Moyer doesn't get the W because of the bad call, but he earned it. And I'm sure he's just happy that the team won, regardless of his stats. I almost want the Phils to win this for him more than I want them to win it for me.

All the horns are honking outside. I love living in Center City. Nothing like being in the middle of the action.

Just saw on TV that before the game started, Tug McGraw's son called the team together at the pitcher's mound and spread some of his father's ashes around the mound. It's really starting to feel like destiny, isn't it?

2 left. GO PHILS

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