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So the past few times I've gotten a cold stretching back maybe two years, the cough and throat pain have been the worst part. It was bad enough that I went to a doctor and had to endure the flexible laryngoscope, a long tube they stick down your nose to see your throat, and which easily triggers my gag reflex and some other uncomfortable sensations. They've never given me any useful advice or treatment.

For the past month, I've had more throat pain. As always, it was concentrated on the left side of my throat, and I could pinpoint the spot it seemed to be coming from. So I went to another doctor today, he looked down my throat again, and he finally gave me a diagnosis that actually fits my symptoms.

I have a vocal process granuloma. (Basically, it's a small benign growth on my vocal cords/folds that gets aggravated by, among other things, coughing.) I got a steroid inhaler and some reflux medicine and was told to stop drinking so much damn orange juice. And being more careful about how I cough (!) and about how much I sing and use a loud voice should help too. And I should feel better soon!

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