Josh (desh) wrote,

OK, I'm drowning a bit here. I've been taking time to do fun things when I have a lot on my plate. The fun things, like most fun things I do, have definitely not been relaxing. This means they need recovery time, mentally and physically.

So I've basically been spending all of my time the past 2-3 weeks having scheduled fun, preparing for said fun, recovering, and attempting to whittle down my to-do list and otherwise be productive. The to-do list is not moving as quickly as it needs to, and the recovering hasn't been enough either. And I must have gotten older since college or something, since I haven't been particularly successful at pushing myself into hyperdrive and gang-tackling tasks with all my neurons in sync. Maybe for a couple hours at once, once or twice a week. And most of those productive bursts are spent at work, leaving my other to-do lists too stagnant. And yet more tasks keep coming in...

I've penciled in August 18th as a day to rest. All freaking day.

Speaking of those fun things, though, writeups from my weekend in DC and from Falcon Ridge are possibly coming soon. If I can get to them. Which might not happen, given all of the above. DC gets an A-, though, and FRFF gets a B.

Love you all. Goodnight.

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