Josh (desh) wrote,

fun weekend

I had a great weekend, LiveJournal!

Friday night I went to a potluck at BZBI. I usually like that scene, at least a bit more than other communal meals at BZBI or other young-adult events there, even though the potluck seems like it should be exactly halfway in between those other two things in terms of who comes. And this was a particularly good one.

Saturday I went to shul, heard my roommate and some other people read torah, and then went to Bev's for lunch. I felt bad coming over to the apartment of someone who had just moved to another city, since hosting can be difficult and stressful, but I get the impression that that's never an issue for her. Shosh and Naomi and Bev and I had a great time chatting and eating in Bev's wonderful new apartment. (7th floor is a bit high, but doable.)

I left lunch around 3, because the plan was to head over to West Philly to catch some music. First I went to Drexel to the vicinity of the Popped Festival. I scoped out the area and found a pretty good spot to watch from behind the fence, on a small hill in the shade. (Yes, no ticket; I'm cheap. Plus, it was Shabbat.) Unfortunately I got there right in time for a set break. So I chilled for about 15 minutes, watching people sneak inside without being able to figure out how, listening to no music, and waiting for Gogol Bordello to come on. Sadly, they did right before I had to leave.

Next I walked over to Clark Park. As soon as I got there I saw someone familar who I didn't immediately recognize, but I figured it out when Sam immediately sprinted up from behind me. It was Chen hawking her wares. Jo was there too. And then Josh M walked by. And then we saw Rachel B. I walked over to where Josh was sitting, and Shira was there, along with some other current and former coworkers. I saw about a dozen work people during my hour there, including Erik, whose band was playing.

After the set was over, Erik thanked some of us for sticking around even though Mates of State was playing a mile away. I pointed out that the timing worked out such that one could attend both, and with that, Erika and I got up wand walked back over to Popped.

We headed over to my little behind-the-fence spot, and as soon as we sat down, I was spotted. Jeff, Ariel, Baylor, and some friends of theirs I don't know were right on the other side of the fence. I knew Jeff was in town for Popped, and I'd hoped to see him my first time there, but he was up front for Gogol Bordello and thus nowhere near me. We chatted for a bit, and then Jeff left and Mates of State started playing. And they were quite good. Maybe they're my favorite new (to me) band. (Which I guess doesn't mean much, because The Felice Brothers started to fill that role a couple months ago, and now I'm souring on them already.) But I definitely have to get a CD or two.

Erika walked me home after Mates of State. We chatted a bit, she left, I read for a bit, Shabbat ended, and then I headed over to Kevin and Zoe's welcome-back party for Lisa. Yay, Lisa's back! And, at least for 3 months, done with the hell of law school! It was a fun party, if a bit short. Some Wii Fit was played, and now I really have to get my own. Around 1:30, I headed home and went to sleep.

Sunday morning I had brunch with my mom and my great aunt and uncle. We've all become a lot closer since my grandparents died a few years ago, and it's really neat. It's like that generation is lost, except not at all just yet. Of course we always end up talking about family and the past and stuff like that, and it's hard to not just be smiling the whole time. Or crying. So much data is lost when someone passes away, but at least for now, there's still a lot left...

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