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* I'm done with Threadless. I'm very sad about this. But their newish in-house t-shirt blanks use fabric that's quite thin. I don't like my shirts like that. I don't like to have to match my shirt color to my chest hair color for decency purposes. This is very much a shame.

* Shavuot was fun. Mostly uneventful. But it's worth noting that these guys are pretty good.

* Fun and games with the electoral college: What collection of states with electoral votes totaling over 270 contains the most "state groupings" (where a state grouping is defined as any set of states forming a geographically contiguous region, ignoring annoying geographical features like the two halves of Michigan and Virginia)? That question is briefly touched on in the comments here. In other news, I still love fivethirtyeight a lot.

* Recent CD purchases include The Decemberists: Her Majesty, The Felice Brothers, and some new album by a band called R.E.M. I'll let you know how they are if you're curious.

* I love summer. I love the heat. My perfect weather is probably something reasonable like 80° and low humidity, but as a second choice, I'd gladly pick something like 95° and high humidity over something like 55° and windy, or even over 60° and calm. Assuming, of course, that I have an air-conditioned place to duck into when I'm done being outside.

* Playing frisbee again this summer. I'm in the learning league in Philly, playing with a former coworker and a current coworker. Hopefully this league will be better than the main one at distributing playing time fairly, and maybe I'll learn to be a handler too. That would be awesome.

* Dreamwidth Studios has been announced! It's a LiveJournal fork, and given who's behind it, it stands to be amazing. Go read!

In general, things are good! How are you?

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