Josh (desh) wrote,

this is me not writing well

throttling back the creative/thoughtful/organized/proofread aspect of this post, because I'm too tired to churn out something good, but I want to write.

Visited Penn last night. Was really good to be back, and then it stung a bit as I realized I'm not really back. Everyone else is, but I'm just visiting. My card doesn't even get me into the dorms anymore. Must find way to rectify that. With the rest, it was so good to see lots of people, and particularly good to see particular people, and I don't regret visiting at all. Guess it was good that I started the process of accepting that I'm really not there anymore. And damn, I missed those people. Hope to see anyone I didn't get to when I visit next.

Today, labor day BBQ. Saw my only group of college friends that I've had since freshman year (Hannah, the ones I told you about), including basically everyone I'm friends with that graduated with me. That was a nice complement to the still-in-school crowd I saw yesterday, and damn, this group was nice to see too. Because I didn't think I'd see them as a group again, and some of them I wasn't sure if I'd ever see again at all. People up from DC and various other out of town was real nice.

Our refrigerator is leaking a bit, my mom's bizarre window-in-the-ceiling (yet not really a skylight) is leaking in the rain, my toilet is starting to run a bit, and my mom may have pulled her back or something. All today, basically. Not the best day.

Tomorrow, search for Real Job begins. (Unless I'm too busy calling plumbers, roofers, electricians, and doctors. It's a distinct possibility, and really I might not mind an excuse to put off the Real World one more day...)

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