Josh (desh) wrote,

lazyweb: media player/manager

Hi, LiveJournal. Question for you. I've been using Winamp to play my MP3s for about 10 years from now. And I think it's finally time for a change. Here's what I want in a media player:

* Plays DRM-free music tracks of various types
* Has a good, smooth GUI that leads me to believe that the programmers were fluent in English and in user experience design
* Manages my library, so that I can easily randomize all songs by artist X or play album Y in order, save playlists, and perhaps even determine which songs I listen to most often and crap like that (and my MP3 meta tags are in good shape, if that's a requirement for the software)
* Plays shoutcast streams
* Is ideally open source, but freeware from some random guy or a small company would be fine too (meaning that I'm not intererested in iTunes)
* Runs on Windows

Actually, I guess it's possible Winamp can be made to do this with the right plugin. If that's the route you've gone, let me know that too.

Anyway, anyone have suggestions for me?

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