Josh (desh) wrote,

that other holiday

Of course, today's not only Pitchers And Catchers Report Day for much of Major League Baseball. Today's also National Donor Day! There's still a huge shortage of donated organs worldwide, and no matter your age, I strongly encourage you to think about this, and to be an organ donor. You don't even have to fill out a form (though that helps too); all that matters is that your loved ones know your wishes. If you do want a form, though, here's one.

If you are an organ donor, please sound off here:

Organ donors!

I'm an organ donor!
...because I just sent in a form or talked about this to my loved ones for the first time today!
Today I've had or will have a conversation with a loved one to confirm my and/or their wishes to be an organ donor, whether it's the first time we've talked about it or not.

If you're not an organ donor, I'm not going to call you out in a poll, but please, if you're willing, post a comment about your decision so we can have a discussion about it. I feel quite strongly about this, and I'm curious about your opinion too.
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