Josh (desh) wrote,

Strange day today.

I was sitting in my windowless room in David Rittenhouse Labs, the physics and math building known only as DRL to anyone who has ever been affiliated with Penn. I was sitting in front of a computer screen, trying to figure out which part of my code to work on next. My boss walks by, pokes his head into the room, and says to me and the guy next to me: "Just so you know, they're having DRL's first ever bust unveiling in the lobby in 3 minutes. And there aren't that many people there, so it would be nice if a couple of young people can make a showing." Oh kay.

So I head up to the lobby, only to walk past my (really hot) math TA from earlier this year. She's leaving the lobby. I ask, "What, you're not staying?" She responds, "Oh, for the Tesla unveiling? I have a class to teach, but I guess I can."

We go to the lobby, and apparently attendance has increased since my boss was there a few minutes earlier. There are about 40 people standing in a circle a healthy distance from the covered display case. And the guy thanks us all for coming, and starting talking about the biography of Nikola Tesla. And how some 3rd grade teacher conned his poor class into writing to important people all over the country to raise money to commission a bust of this guy. And then again, to try to get someone to take it. Finally, they donated it to a university. Lather, Rinse, Repeat; Penn is getting the 9th, or so, Nikola Tesla bust.

The bust is unveiled to polite applause. Sadly, Nadia has already left for class.

The speaker then points out several people, whose names and importance I didn't catch, and says they will be singing a song about Tesla. Smatterings of laughter, until everyone realizes that the one guy is carrying a guitar case.

So three guys step forward, and they start doing a song about Nikola Tesla! The chorus has the name "Nikola Tesla" repeated at least twice, and the phrase "alternating current". I don't remember the verses, but there were several. There was a guitarist, a surprisingly good singer, and a third guy for occasional bass harmony.

The party is ending, I walk over to my boss and explain to him how moving this experience was for me. He laughs.

(Apparently the song lyrics can be found at, for all of you who were curious, and there is even a for the diehards.)

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