Josh (desh) wrote,

My forwarding address (and perhaps other people's....can anyone verify this?) has not been working since something like Friday. I found out yesterday morning, and haven't gotten a tech support response from anyone yet. (I emailed about 3 different people who might be in charge.) I have no idea what's wrong, or what could possibly be wrong with something that's just a forwarding address. I suspect that some misguided attempt at spam filtering has gone haywire.

But it's driving me NUTS. I HATE lost data, and I suspect that's what this is. (Though email delayed by days and days is about 63% as bad as lost data.) I hate that I can't email certain mailing lists because I won't get personal replies, and I don't feel like changing all of my mailing list memberships. I'm feeling quite handcuffed here. I just want to be able to talk to someone who can tell me that they're working on it!

If you have anything to say to me for the near future, or if you've emailed me since Friday at that address, please comment here or email whatever other addresses you may have for me.


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