Josh (desh) wrote,

Quickie Harry Potter 7 opinions

I'm kind of disappointed.

The non-epilogue ending was too abrupt.

The epilogue was quite unnecessary. (Though to the extent that I care about what fandom would call "pairings" at all, I did want Harry and Ginny to end up together. I didn't much have an opinion beforehand about the future of Ron and Hermione, though they were good together as teenagers.)

There were way too many close escapes throughout the book. Way too many. The ones that could be explained away with in-book magic logic (Harry's wand shooting by itself) were fine, but the other ones (escape from Gringotts) were too numerous for how absurdly unlikely they were.

Jesus? I guess so. More so Neo from The Matrix, I think. But Neo was Jesus too, so I guess I'm just quibbling about details.

I was never too invested in the Tonks/Lupin relationship. Dunno why. The saddest deaths in the book, to me: Fred, then Madeye, then Hedwig, then Dobby.

I wanted more of the Black family.

I did, however, like the overall plot. I also especially liked the final battle and all of the Harry/Ron/Hermione scenes.

Overall, I think that of the latter 5 books (because they're quite different than the first 2), I think #3 is still my favorite, though I've never really reread any of them so that might just be rose-colored hindsight or whatever. Off the top of my head, without putting too much thought into it, my order would be 3-6-4-7-5.

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