Josh (desh) wrote,

I just emailed the Center City Eruv folks suggesting that they use Twitter for weekly info on whether the eruv is up or not. We'll see what happens.

Some big news via the WaPo offbeat blog today! First, the defendants in the cleaners Pants Lawsuit (or pantsuit, for short) won their judgment plus court costs. For those not up on the story, this guy sued a drycleaners $54,000,000.00 for losing his pants. They'd previously offered him compensation of over ten thousand dollars, which he rejected before the case went to trial.

Also, apparently the Bong Hits 4 Jesus kid lost in the Supreme Court. This is a big deal, I'm pretty sure, but the political analysis corner of my brain isn't working so well today, after having a multi-hour rantfest with Eli on IM yesterday lamenting the state of healthcare in this country. My only response at this point is amusement that NPR, among other media outlets I'm sure, are forced into saying "bong hits" over and over.

This morning, I heard a sports highlights show refer to So Taguchi as The Human Adjective. Sigh. I'd report this to Language Log if it were on the web.

Speaking of Language Log, I've convinced all of you to read it by now, right? (Either directly on the site or via languagelog.) It's really fantastic. The best post from this weekend is a non-humorous one (though I usually prefer linking to the lighter ones) about the state of Arabic education among employees at the US Embassy in Iraq. It goes off into an explanation about how different Arabic dialects really are. Good stuff.

Apparently I was in a car accident in April. Who knew? I was informed of this in a phone call with my insurance company on Friday. It apparently happened when I was parked somewhere. Nice of them to wait two months to let me know, eh? There's no visible damage on my car (or, rather, no visible damage that wasn't there before April), but this was right around when my trunk stopped working properly. I got it fixed a month ago. So I think I'll make them pay the trunk repair bill, given that the repair dude told me he thought the damage was caused by an accident. (I, of course, had told him that that was unpossible.) Yay, free money!

My USB Missile Launchers (brought to you by the sketchy folks over at Dream Cheeky) arrived on Friday, so now I have to go now and talk to IT about getting the software installed. Talk to you later, LiveJournal. Happy Monday!

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